Giving Sight a Ray of Hope


Anggun City, Rawang - The visually impaired may not 'see' the world like we do, but that doesn't mean that they are helpless. They too, can contribute to society in a meaningful way. All they need is a chance to prove themselves and a way to demonstrate their worth.

In working together with House of Light & Dialogue in the Dark Malaysia, we (Quel International) have decided to sponsor a series of chairs for the upcoming concert "Concert in the Dark", "Art in the Dark " and "Sharing in the Dark", where participants get to experience what is like to experience music, art and conversation without sight.

This coming weekend, 14-15 October, 2017, the event will exhibit 48 giant Emoji Balls which some are designed by Rays of Hope celebrity ambassadors, singer-songwriter Aki Huang, acclaimed stage director and singer Yang Wei Han, TV host Owen Yap, and local pop duo Fuying and Sam where the sale of these souvenirs will proceed towards supporting the tuition program run by House of Light for the underprivileged and visually impaired.


There will be other activities, stage performance, games, and 50 other booth for you to shop and dine on these two days. Lots of activities all for a good cause. Come celebrate hope at Anggun City's Ray of Hope event and bring home a life changing experience this Deepavali.


This press release is provided by Bugz Studio. Edited by Quel International.

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